Tsuyoshi Naganuma is a 21 year-old computer science graduate in suburban Japan. Living with his grouchy aunt and unable to find a job in his field, he finds himself at his breaking point. One day, he receives a call from an old friend about a private opening for a junior developer position in a faraway city called Ichikigaoka. As if fate had guided him, he lands a job at Hasou Web Solutions.

As the newest member of an all-female team, Tsuyoshi's life is about to change in ways he had never thought of before. His team consists of Shizuki Hisakawa, the team leader and back-end developer; Kaori Takamachi, the front-end developer; and Junko Sekiguchi, the UI/UX designer. The atmosphere at Hasou is about to shift and Tsuyoshi will find himself at the heart of it all, but does he have what it takes to finally turn his life around?